What is the root of the problem?

Dear school administrators, policy makers, and board members:

I am writing to you all addressing an important problem that has raised since the Internet become more and more popular among the teenages: cyberbullying. Being an education institution, it is very important that we know what is the root of problem so that we can take effective move to educate and eliminate cyberbullying among our young generation.

You might ask what are the problems that cause cyberbullying. There are four main ones that are listed in the Bullying Blog, ignorance, control or power, anonymity, and revenge.

As our teens are on their way towards maturity, they simply don’t have any idea whatsoever regarding the power word can have. Sometimes to keep boredom at bay teens and younger kids initially harass, humiliate or intimidate someone to create some excitement. Obviously, they don’t realize the potential consequences but as educators we need to understand the potential harm of ignorance. It is crucial that we alert our students to be aware of the possible consequences of their action on the lives of other people.

It is but natural that we as humans want to take control over things and people. Sometimes when things are not falling in place for us, just to satisfy our ego, we use cyberbullying tactics to feel powerful. As adults, we have control over our own intentions but not the kids. They try to gain control and power over somebody else by aggressive actions or intimidate others. So acknowledge that can also help us to eliminate cyberbullying.

I, personaly think that anonymity can be the biggest problem which causes cyberbulling. The fact that there is no big brother watching you bullying someone on cyber universe encourages one to say things that they would not normally say in person. As Internet and all kinds of electronics become abusolute-part of everyone’s every day life, the feeling of being anonymous does to certain extent to encourage people to say anything they want on the Internet. They don’t have to worry about the immediate consequences behind the computer screen.

And revenge can also be a very common cause of cyberbullying. It is just a native feeling to human nature to be revanchist. So when a child is made to feel like a nerd or social outcast, he/she might think of a way to get back at others for making them feel miserable. Children and older teens are unpredictable because a best friend today may be ostracized the next, therefore, leads to a vicious cycle of cyberbullying.

With the understanding of the roots/causes of cyberbullying, let’s take action to make sure our future generations will have a better environment to grow up.

Thank you!

By Shang Zhi

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